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Solrif , the patented solar bricks from the global market leader

Roof tiles that produce renewable electricity, contribute to climate change and finance themselves:

The leading in-roof photovoltaic system Solrif ®️ from the pioneering company Ernst Schweizer transforms solar modules into large-area solar bricks and thus replaces traditional bricks. For 20 years - with continuous further development and in cooperation with the leading module manufacturers in Europe.


Aesthetically integrated

  • As an aesthetically high-quality and simple solar tile, it goes well with every building and village - from modern to listed

Leading for 20 years
  • Global market leader with 800MW and 20 years of experience

  • Proven quality: plastic, not plastic. Patented and certified.

Flexible use

  • The large-area solar tiles for all pitched roofs

  • As flexible as tiles: full or partial roof. Compatible with skylights or chimneys. All common inclinations.

  • Easy and quick to assemble (36m2 per hour).

Patented and certified by

europe patent office.gif

EP 1 060 520 B1


IEC 61215/61730


Safe thanks to Swiss quality

✔️ Durable aluminum, no plastic

✔️ Fire-tested, rainproof, weatherproof

✔️ 10 year guarantee (plus 25-30 years on solar module)

✔️ A traditional Swiss company with 100 years of history and 500 employees

Suitable for all pitched roofs

  • Roof pitch 10 - 70º

  • Foil roof

  • Wooden substructure: similar to the tiled roof or on vertical counter battens


Further advantages of the Solrif solar bricks

1. Decision

e.g. investors, builders, architects

✔️ Economical: solar tiles finance themselves within 6-10 years

✔️ Nearby: Europe-wide network of planners and installers

✔️ Future-proof: in accordance with EU guidelines on sustainable building


2. Planning

e.g. planner of solar projects

✔️ Flexible: leading European solar modules are available with Solrif

✔️ Simple: SolarPro Tool supports you in planning

✔️ Support: Help center with instructions and direct line to the manufacturer via chat


3. Installation

e.g. solar installers, other craftsmen

✔️ Fast: Installation of 36m2 per hour

✔️ Without glass breakage: modules are inserted instead of clamped

✔️ Simple: only a few parts, modular system

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