Save yourself a whole lot of planning work –

with Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer

The web-based planning software Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer gives you profound support for the entire planning process.

Project data can be simply and efficiently registered. Simple building models are available for initial clarifications. With GIS support even complex roofs can be registered in very little time. Where available, CAD planning documents can also be imported.

Partially covered roofs in combination with tiles or whole roofs can be automatically optimised and designed. Static calculations and checking of load limits is also carried out automatically. Any overloading will be shown in detail.

The software also sums up the item lists and comprehensive documentation for the roof installation. An integrated tool based on PolySun can be used for electrical design and yield simulation.

Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer – making planning easier than ever before

  • project registration, system layout, statics, electronics (PolySun) and flexible expenses in a single environment

  • direct linking of item lists to the ERP system for tender preparation and order registration

  • wide range of import options, registration of building geometries from Google, pdf, jpg or dxf

  • scalable at will, with an unlimited number of planning projects, versions etc.

  • direct, project-specific support from Schweizer’s specialists

  • simple digital transfer of project data to specialists  for verification of statics and stability

  • user-friendly web-based use of planning software

  • site-independent availability, accessible by the entire project team as project data are stored in the Cloud

Get your licence for Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer

For the use of the Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer, a personal user license is required. You can register for the "SPT Light" version directly at the program login. To upgrade to a fully functional version "SPT Test", please contact the responsible sales consultant or send an e-mail to

Sales partners and key customers with a further distribution level can use Schweizer’s planning software under their own management.

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Quick-Start Guide Solar.Pro.Tool from Schweizer

The planning of a PV BIPV roof installations can be quick and simple. Try it out!

Tips for planning of BIPV roof systems in SPT

With SPT from Schweizer you can also plan and design complex BIPV roof systems. Here are a few tips.

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