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Downloads of constructive solutions for roof joints     

These structural solutions are to be regarded as suggestions for the most important situations.
We will gladly accept your suggestions to expand this collection. Please send your solutions to this contact. Thank you very much!



Ridge joints

Single or double-sided solar roof solutions with sheetmetal and tile roofing

Ridge joints with safeguards against falling

Anchor points on the ridge

Roof with slope change

Change between differently inclined roof surface - with and without sheet metal connection


Flush with façade - side flashing
with or without gutter with on-site cladding in sheet metal


With recessed channel

Vent pipe

Passage of string ventilation

Connection solutions to an existing roof window



Ventilation opening via canopy 
or gutter

With recessed gutter or overhanging ridge finish


Mustergebäude ohne Markierung_210421.jpg
Constructive solutions for roof joints

For the illustration of the roof connections and the direct PDF download, go to the "Constructive solutions for roof joints" page .

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