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Design check

How Solrif fits for your project.


Is your house a new building, or is a complete roof renovation planned?

Ideally suited for Solrif full roof solution

First have the condition of the attic checked 


Does your house have a pitched roof with a roof pitch steeper than 20°?

Well suited for Solrif.

Flat roofs need a rainproof sub-roof. Therefore only without issues in case of new construction and complete roof renovation. 


Is your roof completely unshaded?

Well suited for solar in general. 

Partial shading requires careful planning for full roofs.Well suited for partial roof solutions with Solrif.


Is the orientation of your house roof approximately towards the south?

Well suited for Solrif.

Clarify risk of glare for neighbours.


Your roof has no dormers, no skylights, no chimney or vent pipe.

Ideally suited for Solrif full roof solution

Obstacles require careful planning. Well suited for 
partial roof solution with Solrif.


You do not want to renovate the roof. Is there already any insulation in place?

With Solrif we recommend installinga roof foil in any case.

The use of the attic space should be critically reviewed.


Your house is located at an altitude below 800 m above sea level..

Well suited for Solrif.

The occurring snow loads and the roof statics should be checked.


Your existing roof does not have any snow catchers or snow stoppers today.

Ideally suited for Solrif full roof solution

No hindrance: Solrif can be combined well with snow guards. But have the risk of roof avalanches checked. 

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