Suppliers of Solrif® modules

Leading solar modules are available with the Solrif® system. Please contact any of the manufacturers and sales partners listed below:


Available module dimensions

CAD drawing available


S83Sol Premium 320-330 Wp
1048 x 1759 mm


S81Sol Premium 250-260 Wp
1048 x 1430 mm


AX M-60 premium sol

mit 320 Wp

1020 x 1698 mm


AX M-54 premium sol

mit 285 Wp

1020 x 1538 mm

AX M-40 premium sol

mit 210 Wp

708 x 1698 mm

AX M-36 premium sol

mit 190 Wp

708 x 1538 mm


Bisol BIPV Series BSU

275-285 Wp

1016 x 1692 mm


Bisol BIPV Series BSO

320-330 Wp

1016 x 1692 mm


Solid Solrif M60

310 Wp
1024 x 1720 mm


Integration Glass/Glass 
M60 monokristallin, 330 Wp
1025 x 1743 mm


Integration Glass/Glass 
M54 monokristallin, 295 Wp
1025 x 1593 mm

Integration Glass/Glass 
M48 monokristallin,
245 Wp 1025 x 1423 mm

There is also the possibility of other performance classes, transparency, alignment (eg portrait), shape and colors, ask! The different formats of a product family can be combined for maximum utilization of the roof area. SPT from Schweizer makes itpossible.

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MSP mounting systems are the ideal solution for every kind of roof – from flat and pitched roofs to trapezoidal metal roofs. In terms of technology and statics they are a leading product, and they are quick and easy to handle. Once installed, they are notable for the first-rate quality of the materials and long service life they offer. 

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