Solrif® references

Many project developers, architects and planners rely on the well thought out system, reliable performance and future capability of Solrif®.


Town hall

Stuttgart, Germany 


Truffer single-family house

Küsnacht, Switzerland 


Galley farmhouse

Ecuvillens, Switzerland 


Sockhof alpine farmhouse

Oberaudorf, Germany 


Single-family house in Altusried

Altusried, Germany 


ABZ Balberstrasse

Zürich-Wollishofen, Switzerland


AWA Herrsching

Herrsching, Germany 

Further references

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MSP mounting systems are the ideal solution for every kind of roof – from flat and pitched roofs to trapezoidal metal roofs. In terms of technology and statics they are a leading product, and they are quick and easy to handle. Once installed, they are notable for the first-rate quality of the materials and long service life they offer. 

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