Solrif® for decision-makers

For both modern and heritage-protected buildings, the Solrif® solar roof is the perfect aesthetic complement.

Whether you are a project developer, architect or investor, Solrif® offers you many advantages.

✔️ Simple: obtainable with leading solar modules in various different formats and colours

✔️ Integrated: Solrif® is adapted to all kinds of pitched roof and offers excellent weather protection

✔️ Economic benefits: the solar roof finances itself over a period of 8 to 10 years* 

✔️ Proven and tested: for 20 years Schweizer with its Solrif® has been the worldwide market leader for roof-integrated solutions  

* Depending on the specific project. Average payback period just 1-2 years longer than with on-roof systems. High yields thanks to self-cleaning function with help of free lower edge.

✔️ Long lifetime: similar to that of tiles, thanks to the use of quality aluminium – patented, tested and certified

✔️ Ecological: less material-intensive than a tiled roof with on-roof system 

✔️ On your doorstep: European network of planners and installers 

✔️ Assured of a promising future: in harmony with EU guidelines for sustainable construction

Solrif® – aesthetics without compromise

Dummy modules at hip roofs

Additional application

Solrif®​ references from Great Britain

More Solrif®​ impressions

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