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Fact sheets for the design of solar roofs with Solrif   

You can find our leaflets in the four categories External Impacts, Regulations, Design and Construction Practices.       



Rain tightness

Range of application of Solrif with regard to rain tightness and minimum requirementsfor the sub-roof

Snow load

What must be considered in regions with high snow loads?


How do I implement a snowguard? Could there be a risk of roof avalanches? If so, what do I have to watch out for?


Glare can cause problems forneighbourhoods and it is worthwhile to consider this aspect during the design phase. East-west oriented PV systems on hillside housesare particularly critical.



Fire safety

What must be considered withrespect to fire safety for in-roof systems with Solrif?

Lightning protection

Lightning protection and equipotential bonding are two important topics for solar roofs.
The regulations are not always harmonized. 
This leaflet provides assistance and illustrates solutions.

rotes Dach

Construction Practices

Special roof shapes

Is the roof curved? If yes, what do I have to pay attention to?

Handling dummy modules

With fully covered solar roofs(full roof), there are often residual areas. These can be designed in an aestheticallypleasing way with dummy modules.

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